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Josh Hutcherson: Vampire’s Assistant Sneak Peek!

Josh Hutcherson stuggles in a fight in this new sneak peek of his upcoming flick, The Vampire’s Assistant.
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15 Things You Must Know About The Vampire’s Assistant

In the hot, sticky humidity of New Orleans, a dark and twisted tale of vampires and circus freaks took shape, and the terrifying result is coming to a theater near you just in time for Halloween ’09. Okay, it’s not too terrifying — it’s PG-13, after all. But writer-director Paul Weitz has adapted the first four books of the ‘Cirque du Freak’ series by U.K. author Darren Shan, and on Oct. 23 you’ll get your fill of bearded ladies, monkey girls, Willem Dafoe and other intriguing creatures, in ‘The Vampire’s Assistant.’

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Josh Hutcherson’s New Movie!

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Who Does Josh H. Hope Doesn’t Win a TCA Award??

Video is from Popstar YouTube page

Josh Hutcherson in the remaking of Red Dawn!

‘Red Dawn’ Casting Scoop: Exclusive!

Josh Hutcherson. The young Kentucky native has appeared in several high-profile films including Zathura, Bridge to Terabithia, and most recently Journey to the Center of the Earth opposite Brendan Fraser. As the new Robert, Hutcherson is the Wolverines’ tech geek, responsible for operating all the communications devices. Surprisingly, he transforms into a warrior along the way too.

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Josh Hutcherson & Victoria Justice

Josh Hutcherson and Victoria Justice pose cheek-to-cheek as they arrive at the DoSomething.org Power Of Youth party held at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Los Angeles on Saturday evening (August 8).

Make sure you follow Josh on twitter at @jhutch1992

Make sure you follow Josh on twitter at @jhutch1992. He’ll be tweeting, live from the 2009 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, August 9th from about 3:00PST on.  Then make sure to watch the 2009 Teen Choice Awards Monday, August 10 on FOX.

The Vampire’s Assistant movie trailer

Fragments out on DVD