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Exclusive Q&A with The Vampire Assistant’s Josh Hutcherson

Little Manhattan, RV, and Bridge to Terabithia star Josh Hutcherson’s all grown up — and starring in the first film from the Cirque du Freak Saga called The Vampire’s Assistant. He chats exclusively with J-14 about evil vampires, werewolves, and his celeb pals.

J-14: What kind of vampire do you play in The Vampire’s Assistant?

Josh Hutcherson: My character Steve is a vampaneze, which is basically an evil vampire. And the difference between the vampires and vampaneze is that the vampires live by a certain code — they can’t kill, they can’t do certain things, and they only drink blood to survive. But the vampaneze just do whatever they want. So my character is the reckless type and that was really fun to play. It’s definitely different than anything I’ve played before because I haven’t ever really got the chance to play the bad guy kind of role.

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Josh Hutcherson Vs. “The Vampire’s Assistant”

Just turned 17-year-old cutie Josh Hutcherson impressed us as a kid actor in tons of movies; The Bridge to Terabithia, Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D, Zathura and more. Affable, friendly Josh usually plays “the good guy” in films but he is stoked to portray “baddie” Steve in the new fantasy vampire film Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant based upon the book series. In our exclusive interview, Josh spilled that he and co-star Chris Massoglia, who plays Darren, friends turned enemies in the movie, played basketball and backstage pranks together and basically had a blast shooting in a creepy graveyard and old movie theater in New Orleans.

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Nylon Guys – November 2009 Article “Young and Restless”


Josh Hutcherson answers your questions

Josh posted a blog allowing all his fans to ask him questions.  He answers them on Myspace Video:

Josh Hutcherson answers your questions