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A Hulu Original Future Man


Josh in October issue of Seventeen Magazine


  1. Caroline Hutcherson September 7th, 2012

    Dear Josh, you seem lke the cute and sensitive type (well im pretty sure on the cute part!) and seem really cool to talk to. Im a new fan of yours since “The Hunger Games”. Cant wait till “Catching Fire”! Well, till next time my love, Caroline. P.s.cant wait for our date on the beach under the stars!!! ; )

  2. Karina Pfeiffer November 22nd, 2012

    Nice article, you wanna talk about life. Well I’ll give it to you straight. This isn’t a scam to get you cause I could care less if you replied or not. All I want to do is point something out. We are placed on the Earth for a reason and that reason was to help those around us. To keep live our lives for a purpose. I believe everyone’s purpose is to live our lives to the fullest and do all we can to help people. To make a difference no matter how small. I’ve prayed with the homeless and played with children who didn’t even know my name. I know I touched them because I was doing what I was meant to do; love everyone. I want to know, what do you live for?

  3. Karina Pfeiffer November 22nd, 2012

    I don’t know if everything you said in that magazine article is true, but if it is, I have to admit, it’s impressive. Most guys want a cleavage stricken girl who can’t think for herself. Which is not who I am. I speak my mind and want to live my life. If what you say is true about yourself, any girl would be lucky to call you her own. And your right, loving quickly is hard cause you end up the majority of the time getting hurt. Just hold out, you’ll find her, I promise it. I know that everyone was made for someone else, and you have a girl made for you that will make you happy. I wish you the best of luck and hope you read my other posts. I just wanna make a difference and everyone has to start somewhere, so starting here. Please let me believe it was the right choice.

  4. Karina Pfeiffer November 23rd, 2012

    Life is a struggle and we can choose whether it will make us or break us.

  5. Amy G December 17th, 2012

    Oh Please! Josh, u obviously set up this fan page to feel good about yourself! Your such a superficial jerk! You’ve had such an easy life since u got a lucky break when u were like 5? U don’t know the definition of hard work, even If u looked it up in a dictionary! Reply if I’m wrong…

  6. Amy G January 16th, 2013

    Because you never replied I’m gonna have I assume that you are even worse than I thought. You make a fan page to just put the good comments o! Did u ever stop to think that these comments could help! You are ridiculous! A laughing stock!

  7. Jennifer January 18th, 2013

    Hey Josh! I posted fanmail on your official website, so i am going to copy and paste them on this email.

    Hey Josh, I wanted to send you an email because i admire you. I read your profile page on all facts about you, and I and not lying but we have everything in common. Like theres only one thing that i don’t like witch is your favorite food. If you are ever in Ohio, please send me a email at jenfortner@bex.net or pacesettersoccer7@gmail.com. I would probably faint because when i first watched the Hunger Games I realized how hot you were and now i cant wait for Catching Fire and Mocking Jay come out. I love the books and i also love to act. If you could please send me an email back, I promise that I wont tell anybody! Thanks, Love Jennifer

    heyyy josh!! i can’t wait for Catching Fire and Mocking Jay to come out! I love you so much and my room is covered in pictures of you! also i have a iphone case that has a collage of picture of you!! I hope you reply to my messages. Also if you could email me back i would be so pleased!! LOVE YOUU!!

    Josh, I am you biggest fan and i really want to come a audit because I love to act! I also love to sing!! My hobbies are SOCCER, dirt biking, acting/singing, basketball, well anything to do with sports and hanging out with my friends! If your could reply that would make my life complete<3 What is something that you look for in a girl? How old does she have to be? Thank you! please reply and I LOVE YOU:)

    Heyy Josh!! sorry if ii am annoying you, but i just can’t stop thinking about you. every night i think of you. I watched the hunger Games 4 nights in a row!! i always pause the movie whenI see you. I really want to come and audition, but my parents won’t take me! I love you so much that my room is covered in picture of you, my phone case is a collage of you, my laptop case is you and Jennifer(as Katniss)(and you as Peeta!) I am so glad the you got the part as Peeta Mellark! You were perfect for the part and you put the H in HOT!!!!! I love you soo much!! bye

    I can’t wait for Catching Fire and Mocking Jay to come out because I just watched the trailer for Catching fire and I was Shivering because you looked soo HOTTT! also the movie looked realyyy good and i cant wait to see you in the quarter quell!! The books are soo good!! I just read them all agin for like the 100th time! i keep reading them because i have to wait soo long for the movies to come out! I will be at the Premier crying when i see you on screen because you are soo sexyy!! Thanks for reading these if you read this one!!! byeee<3

    Okay this is my last note!! I hear that you are filming Catching in Hawaii. Over the Summer I was in Hawaii for summer vacation. We went with family friends and my grandparents!! It was so fun. We went to Honolulu and then Maui! We did a lot of fun stuff there!! On our way back we stopped in LA airport and We went to Hollywood!! Then we went back to the airport and I noticed Adel there and i went and asked if it was her and it was!! It was one of the most greatest things that happened to me because not a lot of exciting things happen to me!! Then my soccer team won the state cup the next weekend. It was a real miracle for me!! Well I should probably stop typing so i don't overwhelm you anymore!! I love you so so much and i really hope you read this and reply! Thank you very much.


  8. Gabriella April 27th, 2013

    You know I have the same birthday as josh hutcherson. I know it is weird

  9. Emily May 20th, 2013

    Don’t worry Josh I would pick you over Liam any day!<3

  10. Helen in the UK June 2nd, 2013

    Hi is this the right place to request a signed photo ?? Our Daughter has a birthday soon and a signed photo would make her day/year. hope someone can help with this. Many thanks


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