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Josh’s New Fan Mail Address

Now you can write to Josh or request a picture, he finally has a new fan mail address!!

Josh Hutcherson c/o Spanky Taylor
3727 West Magnolia
Burbank, CA. 91505


  1. Olivia March 15th, 2014

    Hi! I know you arnt going to answer this but me and my friends REALLY like you. Seriously. Me and a few friends are making a younger hunger games version and posting it on youtube. Please reply, and I know you get this every single day and I shouldn’t even say this but We are your Number One fans. Sorry for bothering you. (P.S) Are you really dating Jennifer Lawrence? I mean, the internet lies a lot!

  2. Katie croft April 17th, 2014

    hey, well first of all I just want to say thankyou for inspiring me to become an actress, and yes, I am a fan but I’m not some teenage girl who screams when she sees a picture of you and fan girls. Yes it would be an honour to meet you but not just because “your dreamy” because I look up to you and Jennifer Lawrence as actors and role models. And I know what your thinkin you just like the hunger games, and yes infact I do but that’s not why I’m a fan I’m so impressed and interested in your work and I would hope, infact dream to be somhow as well known, as you are.
    However I know you probably won’t see this but why not, but if you do I just want to tell you how much you’ve inspired me. Thankyou x By the way I’m 14 and British just incase you wanted to know xx


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