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Entertainment Weekly’s thoughts on who should star in the Hunger films

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Neil Patrick Harris to Direct Josh’s new movie

The “How I Met Your Mother” star and Emmy and Tony host is planning to make his feature directing debut with the romantic comedy “Aaron and Sarah.” The indie film has also attached Emma Roberts and Josh Hutcherson as its leads.

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Josh’s Official Facebok Fan Page

Josh now has an Official Facebook Fan Page, check it out and make sure to like it!

Also, news from this official website will be posted there as well.

Josh will be appearing on the Teen Choice Awards

Be sure to check out Josh on Teen Choice Awards. It airs on Monday, August 9th on Fox. Check local listings for time

Josh is One of TV Guide’s Hottest Young Stars

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Josh’s Upcoming Talk Show Appearances

Make sure to check out Josh on these upcoming talk shows!!

Thursday, July 29th Josh will be on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC. Check local listings for time

Monday, August 9th Josh will be on “Lopez Tonight” on TBS. Check local listings for time

Josh’s Interview with Seventeen

Josh answers 17 questions on SEVENTEEN:

1. Young Love
How old were you when you had your first kiss?

2. Crushin’
Who’s your celebrity crush?

3. Ugg(h)!
What’s the girl fashion trend that confuses the heck out of you?

4. Sweet Flick
What’s the chick flick you secretly love?

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The Kids Are All Right Official Website is Live!

Check it out! http://filminfocus.com/focusfeatures/film/the_kids_are_all_right

Interview Magazine Article with Josh Hutcherson

As a child actor, Josh Hutcherson got his break in family-friendly fare such as The Polar Express (2004), Bridge to Terabithia (2007), and Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008). But in Lisa Cholodenko’s new summer comedy The Kids Are All Right, he finally gets to grow up, playing the son of a same-sex couple (Julianne Moore and Annette Bening), who tries to convince his sister (Mia Wasikowska) to help him find their sperm-donor dad (Mark Ruffalo).

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‘Red Dawn’ Remake Will Blow Up ‘All Of Downtown Detroit,’ Star Josh Hutcherson Says

Some people remember “Red Dawn” as an Eighties classic powered by Cold War paranoia. Others think back to recent events and recall that it was one of the greatest films in the career of recently-deceased Patrick Swayze. Still others may remember it as the first movie to ever be released with a PG-13 rating.

The truth is, it’s all of the above. And now, it’s also a remake.

“I’m working on ‘Red Dawn’ right now, up in Michigan,” explained “Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant” star Josh Hutcherson when we caught up with him recently. “It’s going great. We blew up all of downtown Detroit last week. It was pretty epic.”

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