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VOTE FOR JOSH – Best Male Breakout Star, MTV

Josh is a Nominee for MTV’s Best Male Breakout Star, click link to vote:


  1. laura December 24th, 2011

    i love josh hutcherson i know it sounds crazy but i wanna meet him somday and i will!!!!!!

  2. cara January 31st, 2012

    i actually lovee joshh hutcherson he soo amazing and an amazing actor i think he is soo greatt lookingg im like in love with him i really want to meet him in person someday and i will!

  3. Maria April 13th, 2012

    I am the #1 fan of Josh Hutcherson. I love him for the kind of pesonality he has. My dream is to meet him oneday. I’ll find out if wishes really do come true!

  4. katie April 14th, 2012

    i love Josh Hutcherson, he is so buff and he so good and amazing in the hunger games.. i wound love to meet him one day, i wound love to get a picture with him.

  5. Zoe April 16th, 2012

    Omg I luv Josh !!! He is such an inspiration to me and hes HOT!! I’m 13 and would luv to meet u in person. Ps me and my sister are in a band called StarFlight and would love to play for u some day visit our YouTube page @ “StarFlightrocks” and check us out!!! Bye

  6. julia April 25th, 2012

    i wanna meet him sooo bad

  7. danielle April 28th, 2012

    i love josh hutcherson!! he is so hot!!! i really want to meet him someday and im gonna!!!! i think he is so amazing!!! just 1 look and i melt!!! im in love with him!!!!

  8. Zoe May 2nd, 2012

    Ohh and Josh my b day is on 7/25 and I would LUV it if u came . I’m turning 13 yes old and it would mean the world to me if u came pls reply call for details at 832-409-7329 thx !!!!

  9. Kassandra May 20th, 2012

    I love Josh Hutcherson so much!! i dont care what people think but i always wanted to meet him!! 🙂
    He has been my role model 🙂

  10. daisy June 10th, 2012

    I LOVE JOSH HUTCHERSON! I am going to meet him and work with him one day as i am a young actress myself! he is fit as and he’s mine! its mine dream to meet him! & literally i am his no. 1 fan!

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