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Watch Josh at the People’s Choice Awards

Organizers of the People’s Choice Awards have announced that The Hunger Games trio Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth will be appearing at the awards show on January 11th.

The announcement came via Twitter on Wednesday, and details of their appearance are not known at this time. It’s possible they could be presenting an award or — dare fans hope? — maybe even a new exclusive sneak peek at The Hunger Games movie! It’s also possible they are simply attending the awards show and will sit quietly in the audience doing nothing of particular interest.

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  1. Georgia January 17th, 2012

    I know you will probably never read this because of your phenomenal career but all I want to say is how awesome and genuine everyone thinks you are. When I want to get cheered up I always think of how positive you are and it makes my day. from: someone who wants to meet you

  2. Maribel January 17th, 2012

    Hi Josh! i’m a Spanish fan and my ingles isn’t very good but i try write this ‘letter’ hahaha,well i’m questioning that When you come to Spain? i wanna see you eating Paella! Hahaha
    I don’t know if i’m your number 1 fan but i love you so much and i hope that you’ll be always happy and i love you because your personality.Josh,never change!

  3. Emma Chromy January 19th, 2012

    Hi Josh- I always had a crush on you when I was younger and when I started reading The Hunger Games and found out that you were going to play my favorite character, I almost lost it!!!!:)

    I love you,

  4. Josh's wife January 23rd, 2012

    Dear Josh,
    I know I’m late to write this msg but I love u!!
    I cant wait to see the hunger games! My friend got me premiere tickets to the movie, im sooooo excited! I LOVE U!

  5. Cam January 25th, 2012

    I am absolutely in love with you and I have liked you ever since Bridge to Terabithia. You are definitely cuter than Justin Bieber and I really hope we can meet someday because I am crazy aboout you! I lovee you like crazy!

  6. Mickayla January 30th, 2012

    Dear Josh,
    I am sure glad you are a number 1 fan i am so glad i have your autograph you even put live life on it that is what i do i love you Josh do your best everyday love
    your number 1 fan Mickayla Whitt , <3

  7. Josee February 3rd, 2012

    Josh u r awsome I cannot wait 4 watching you at the hunger games!! I’m so excited… It would be amazing if you come to Argentina some day you have a lot of fans HERE. luv U a lot!!!

  8. Tzarina February 4th, 2012

    Josh, you are my most favorite actor in the world… You totally beat Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson,and Taylor Laughtner(no offense) !!! It’s not just your acting that is so amazing it’s your personality too!! You have so many parts to you! So many lovely parts that mostly everyone can relate to!! Long Live Josh!! ( haha )

  9. Omira February 23rd, 2012

    I know that you may never read this and if you do it probably will mean nothing but I just want you to remember something. I would like to thank you for not getting caught up in the world of Hollywood or changing because some celeberty or any one else told you to. Josh, you are a great person with an amazing personality and don’t ever forget it. Please don’t ever change you are fantastic the way you are. Thankyou for letting me discover life through a positive way and being the wonderful person you are today. I know you heard this alot of times but I hope that you continue being an awesome guy and amazing actor. Lots of love from someone who will probably never meet you but will always support you

  10. Omira February 23rd, 2012

    See you laugh in a video or picture always gets me in a good mood

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